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PC Health Advisor Review

Straight to the point. You want a faster computer then this software is for you. Here is why

Start-up Manager: PC Health Advisor boasts a very slick and easy to use Startup Manager. You simply open the program and go to the Startup Manager section. Then de-select all the programs you want from auto starting on your computer. It hides all the CORE Windows files so you do not have to have any of those programs running. This feature alone can double your computer speed. Please note that we do strongly recommend you do not stop antivirus clients from running. Those are there to help protect your computer so if you use antivirus software simply ignore that entry.

Registry Cleaner: PC Health Advisor has a registry cleaning program built in. Just hit the scan but and then the fix button and you are done. That simple. Registry cleaning is important for regular PC Maintenance to help clear out all the unneeded clutter that is slowing your computer down.

Disc Defrag: Your data for lets say that latest movie or MP3 is stored all over your computer hard drive. When you defrag you move all those bits together so it's easier for your hard drive to access the data. It only has to look in one place in stead of 100 places. This helps boost access and read times. In english it speeds up your computer. PC Health Advisor lets you know when you need to Defrag.

Malware Scanner: While the malware scanner in PC Health Advisor is not the most advanced on the planet it will let you know if you are infected and help to remove the software. This is really nice and no other Registry Cleaning product out there has this. It also lets you know if you have any un-wanted or potentially unwanted programs on your computer known as Ad-ware.

The above are some of the main features of this program. There are several other smaller ones that also help you out. The best thing to do is simply download the program and run it. If you like it then register the product. If you do not then check out the other client we like called System Mechanic.

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